The company won the major project support funds of Inner Mongolia autonomous region in 2018

2018-12-18 16:45:02 219

Our company has received the 2018 major special support funds from the government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The research and development project of utilizing coal gangue solid waste to produce highly active metakaolin technology applied by our company has been awarded 20 million yuan of the second batch of major science and technology special support funds of the autonomous region in 2018  issued by the finance department and science and technology department of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The project support funds are mainly applied to the following projects of the company: First, Research on the application technology of dry crushing 800 mesh and wet grinding 4000 mesh metakaolin collinear production; Second, metakaolin products prepared from coal gangue are used in the technical research of Marine engineering concrete, anti-corrosion concrete and high-energy concrete under saline and alkali conditions. Third, the construction of an annual output of 50,000 tons of highly active metakaolin demonstration production line.

The project support fund provides financial support for the company's product and technology research and development, which is conducive to accelerating the company's product research and development speed and innovation ability, and providing strong financial and technical support for the company's healthy and sustainable development.